Strawberry Summer Breeze Rose x 6

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Autumn fruiting strawberry – it’s not too late to grow your own!

Growing your own strawberries doesn’t need to be labour or space intensive! Strawberries can be grown in hanging baskets, window boxes, patio pots and borders, and this superb new ‘Summer Breeze Rose’ is equally at home mingling with summer bedding as it is in a vegetable patch. Ornamental plant producing beautiful double flowers in deep rose that bloom for longer than traditional varieties, and it also sets fewer runners so it concentrates its energy into producing crops. There’s nothing quite like the flavour of home-grown produce, or the satisfaction of harvesting the fruit of your labours. Easy to grow and requires just a little attention: remove any runners that appear from early summer and feed fortnightly. Enjoy delicious strawberries from early autumn. Height 20cm, spread 30cm. Supplied as 6 x plug plants (2.5cm diameter).


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