Spring flowering ‘Lucky Dip’ bulbs pack

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We do this every year and it’s always a winner! Once the despatch season starts for autumn planting bulbs, we always end up some ‘bits and bobs’. These are bulbs which are entirely fabulous, but stock numbers have got so low that we can no longer offer them in packs on their own.  

This year we’ve got various Tulips, Narcissus, Crocus, Iris and Hyacinths - peony flowered, multi-stemmed, large and small, single and late flowering types, AGM winners…… you will receive a pack of at least 10 bulbs worth at least £8.99. Grab a pack or two today and tell your friends! You might get an old favourite or something new to try. If you order more than one pack, we'll do our best to send you different varieties.